Off the beaten trail - Don't forget the rest of the Costa Del Sol

We’ve finally convinced you to visit us in Nerja, and now we are sending you on an adventure someplace else? Don’t be confused, we’re professionals and know what we are doing! Keeping you entertained is our mission with this blog; giving you some more entertaining and adventurous excursions to enjoy is a free public service!

We can’t talk about Nerja enough, this is very true. The team at Dream Properties Nerja not only work here, but most of us live here as residents. We’ve written several other blogs about the various locations you should visit during your stay, however; we must now pay homage to the rest of the Costa del Sol.

This blog is a bit more interesting, and comes with a bit of a twist – consider these excursions a bit off the beaten trail as the title suggests. As far as we are concerned some of these destinations don’t get nearly enough attention.

Beautiful Costa del Sol View

Here’s What you can Expect on the Costa del Sol

It’s no secret; every year thousands of residents from the UK travel to the Costa del Sol – translated the Coast of the Sun. The name says it all; the Costa del Sol is situated in the province of Malaga and the sun stays beautifully positioned in the sky for over 300 days a year.

Although the Costa del Sol is well known throughout the UK, many choose to only converge in one particular area. This area will usually be close to a beach and other convenient amenities. But, considering you might be travelling to the coast for the first time, we must try to convince you to step-away from the crowd, and follow a different path.

Guess what – there is more to the Costa del Sol than just miles of beaches! There is actually plenty to do and plenty more to see, as long as you know where to look. You will no doubt find Sightseeing tours around every corner; however they still only focus on certain popular hotspots for travel – like Gibraltar. What many fail to realize or see are the local white villages situated high on mountain tops which remain rooted deep in their ancient traditions.

These sites must be seen to be believed, and it’s not only the sights or sounds we want you to experience; we are offering you a chance to meet the Spanish…the real Spanish. No matter what you might have heard, the Spanish welcome tourists no matter where you hail from.

It’s not exactly a secret that Spain has seen its share of economic turmoil; in many ways, the Spanish people depend on tourism to carry them over year after year. The point is, no matter where you choose to go on this list, you will be greeted with friendly smiles, and a welcoming attitude.

Let’s at least begin our virtual tour so to speak; here is a list of beautiful places you need to experience on the Costa del Sol.

White Villages of Andalusia

The Candle Festival in Tolox

If you’re planning a trip this September, after the weather cools down, consider a day trip to the village of Tolox.

Tolox, Spain is located high in the hills at the entrance to the National Park Sierra de las Nieves. Every year in September, the ‘La Luna Mora’ festival takes place. In this tiny white village, the lights go down and 20,000 plus candles are lit, and the ambiance is spectacular.From a far, you can see a beautiful glow emanating from the town. Here you can walk the old streets and visit shops, sidewalk tables with hand crafted items and enjoy a meal from a street full of international foods.

Tarifa Tourism


Tarifa is incredibly unique, and incredibly old! Tarifa is a port or so it used to be centuries ago. Tarifa translated means “tax” – a bit odd yes, but considering it was a port of trade among many European travelers, the name seems fitting. What makes Tarifa even more spectacular is a scientific oddity, which we cover more below.

Tarifa is probably one of the most incredible places to visit while staying on the Costa del Sol. We highly recommend you take a day trip to Tarifa. There are many special reasons, and one is because it’s located at the most southerly point of Spain. On a clear sunny day (and sometimes even a cloudy day) you can stand on the beach of the Mediterranean and see in the distance, North Africa. North Africa is located only a few kilometers across the water. In fact, by ferry it only takes 30 minutes to arrive in Morocco.

Tarifa has a special blend of Spanish and Middle Eastern culture. You also have a unique opportunity to stand in between the raging Atlantic Ocean and the serene and calm Mediterranean Sea. This is where scientific wonder plays a big part. This sight alone is worth the trip. Imagine standing and watching as the Atlantic and Mediterranean blend together, you literally see it in all of its scientific glory – we can’t even give it justice on paper.

In Tarifa there is plenty to see and do, like eat authentic Spanish cuisine or taking the ferry over to Morocco for a culture filled day trip; or jump on a tour boat and watch the dolphins as they surface for some dinner. Check out the video below for a tour around Tarifa.

‘Noche Blanca’ – All night Flamenco in Córdoba

Flamenco is an absolute given when visiting any part of Spain; however Cordoba takes it to an entirely different level. Here you will enjoy authentic flamenco that starts at night and goes until the sun comes up.

The festival theme is dedicated to the brotherhood of culture, so you will witness great masters of dancing and singing featured in this all night programme. There are even acts from Japan and Portugal and the main events take place in the square of Las Tendillas, La Corredera, the Orange Tree Courtyard, the Great Mosque and many more.

Spanish Culture and Flamenco

Mijas Pueblo

One hidden Gem situated high above the Costa del Sol is the beautiful tiny village of Mijas. When we say tiny, we mean bursting with culture and lots of life! Mijas Pueblo sits comfortably in a mountainside at 428 meters above sea level; on your drive up, you’ll notice (and feel) your ears “pop”. Its population at last census totaled around 7500, and you can expect many foreign, and English speaking residents.

Mijas things to do

Mijas Pueblo may be small, but its tourism sky rockets each and every year. You may want to tour the narrow and cobbled stoned streets, taking in every corner of this quaint Andalusian village. Many artists and writers have made Mijas Pueblo their home, for many wonderful reasons including a perfect climate. The village allows certain privacy or a step away from the bustling busy streets of the coastal line below.

Surprisingly and despite its huge popularity with tourists, Mijas Pueblo has somehow managed to retain much of its traditional Andalusian way of life. The locals take great pride in retaining the culture including the authentic Spanish restaurants you’ll find around every corner. Tour the shops, and find many outlets which cater to handcrafted trinkets. If you want a real Andalusian experience, make Mijas Pueblo a top choice to visit during your holiday.

It is always recommended that you stay at the very least for two weeks to take in the Spanish or Andalusian culture. Make sure to add Nerja and of course, the rest of the Costa del Sol to your travel bucket list – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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