The Best beaches on the Costa Del Sol - 2014 Edition

Everyone loves a beach! Most travelers planning a vacation in the south of Spain come mainly for the miles of beaches surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The only problem that may arise is choosing which one to spend the day at.

Beaches on the Costa del Sol 2014

If it happens to be your first time visiting the Costa del Sol, you should prepare yourself for some major decision making; especially when it comes to excursions of any kind. The Costa del Sol, as you soon will discover is very big. Those miles of beaches we mentioned are usually attached to specific locations or hot spots. Your choices will literally begin in Malaga, as you make your way down the coast; you pass some incredibly beautiful locations; like Nerja, which is also referred to as the Jewel of the Costa del Sol.

Then you hit Fuengirola; a bustling small city popular amongst tourists. Then of course as you continue your journey down the Coastal line, you’ll reach beautiful Marbella, and Puerto Banus; where if you’re lucky enough you might run into a few famous faces!

The point is you won’t be bored if you visit the Costa del Sol.
For you first timers, the Costa del Sol is located at the most southerly point of Spain. The beaches stretch across for miles and are seated on the coast line of the Mediterranean Sea.All the locals have their own favourite list of what beaches they prefer to spend their time at. The following list happens to be our favourite.

Andy’s Beach – Cabapino

Beaches - Andy's Cabopino

This beach is a great location and nothing at all beats the prices. It is cheap to eat, and cheap to rent a bed for the day. Cabapino is a southern Spanish harbour located near Marbella. Keeping constant watch on the beach is an ancient Moorish watch tower and to the right of the tower is a natural park with sand dunes.
The parking is free and the beach is well sheltered by palm trees in case you wish to escape the heat. However, it is recommended you get there early to rent a beach bed for the day – it comes with an umbrella, sheltering you from the hot sun.

Tarifa and Punta Paloma Beach

This beach is a little ways off the Costa del Sol, but has to be mentioned because of its beauty and incredible array of water sports. In Tarifa you don’t necessarily have to stick to one beach, in fact it is here where you can expect white sandy beaches where you are presented with a choice of either dipping in the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea. Although a bit pricier, the views of North Africa and the town itself are well worth putting Tarifa into your vacation itinerary.

Nikki Beach – Mingling with the Rich and Famous

Before even contemplating visiting this beach, make sure you have enough money. Although exclusive and very expensive, we always recommend a visit at least once (in your lifetime!) if you can. This is place is where the rich and famous come to play and sport their cash. Although a bit intimidating for first time visitors, once you find a spot on one of their huge beachfront beds, you can rest easy as you are waited on hand and foot. The food at Nikki Beach is incredible and well worth the costs.

Nerja Beach

nerja beach
About an hour’s drive from Malaga is a place where the Mediterranean views are what they should be. Here you will see an old white village overlooking the green and blue tropical colour of the beach. The costs here are incredibly cheap, and you will have plenty of choices when it comes to eating. The beaches at Nerja is lined with Chiringuito’s – other-wise known as beach based fish restaurants.

Renting a sun bed in Nerja for your beach rest is super cheap as well, with tourists paying as little as 4 Euros for the entire day! Nerja also offers a quaint little town, with plenty of shops, ice cream and authentic Spanish food. If you plan on visiting Nerja, at least make your stay more than one day – spend a weekend, and immerse yourself in culture!

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